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Ingredient #1: Critical Formula Proteins


Baby Formula

All Milk. No Cow.

Advanced Biotechnology:

Our state-of-the-art platform produces essential milk proteins in plants. This cutting-edge process replicates key health components of human breast milk while eradicating ethical issues associated with dairy farming, setting a new standard in infant nutrition

Eco-Friendly Production:

Employing cutting edge biotechnology, we create hypoallergenic, dairy-free formula proteins that reduce the environmental footprint of dairy farming.  Protecting our water resources and freeing ecologically important areas.

Addressing Climate Concerns:

We greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of conventional infant formulas by replacing dairy, that produces methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide, with plants.

Sustainable and Nutritious:

We offer formula proteins that are the most biologically similar to human breast milk. Our product is not only sustainable but also tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of infants, unlike conventional dairy-based formulas.


Seedling Biosystems' CEO, Brian DeDecker, PhD, stands as a symbol of innovation rooted in tradition. Shown here on his family's soybean farm, Dr. DeDecker's journey from a small-town upbringing to a Yale-educated molecular biologist comes full circle. His work at Seedling Biosystems is a testament to this journey, harnessing the low environmental footprint of soybeans, a crop pivotal in his childhood, to revolutionize sustainable protein production. By applying his expertise in molecular biology, Dr. DeDecker leads the charge in dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional methods, embodying a blend of personal heritage and cutting-edge science.


Our Science

1. DNA Innovation:

Using a natural bacterial process, we enhance soybeans with additional DNA instructions to produce essential proteins, mirroring safe, decades-proven therapeutic protein production techniques like used for insulin.

3. Precision Extraction

We isolate the bioidentical milk protein from soybeans, utilizing our plants as natural, solar-powered factories, ensuring a pure and natural end product.

2. Sustainable Production:

Our specially engineered soybeans use solar energy to create nature-equivalent formula proteins, achieving the pinnacle of sustainable, vegan farming.

4. Bioidentical Result

The outcome is a nature-equivalent, formula protein from a bioengineered plant, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious and vegan standards.


Our Team


Dr Brian Dedecker



Simon Kalmus



Maya Nelson



Ty Engelke

Molecular Biologist

In The News


Seedling Biosystems is excited to share our origin story beautifully told by CU Boulder Today. Many thanks to the team at the University of Colorado's Office of Strategic Relations and Communications.


Happy to announce that Seedling Biosystems was awarded an Early-Stage Capital and Retention grant through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT).


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